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Membership is required to access and use any of the facilities in Northwest Badminton Academy. We provide the following membership options/ plans to choose from.

Monthly Membership Plans

  • Adult (18 years and above): $60.00 (Monthly Fee) + $100.00* (Sign Up Fee)
  • Couples(up to 2 Family Members): $95.00 (Monthly Fee) + $125.00* (Sign Up Fee)
  • Family (up to 4 Family Members): $110.00 (Monthly Fee) + $150.00* (Sign Up Fee)
  • Junior/Senior : $35.00 (Monthly Fee) + $50.00* (Sign Up Fee)

Guest Drop-In Fee: $18/day per person

Membership card will be issued for every member and is required to be in possession when entering and using any NWBA facility. A lost Membership card will require $5 re-processing fee.

Please note that all fees are before tax. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our front desk.

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